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American Main Street Offers High Speed Internet in W Panama City Beach, FL

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If you're tired of slow internet service providers in W Panama City Beach, FL American Main Street has the solution for you. At American Main Street we have partnered with Exede to deliver high speed for the residents of W Panama City Beach, FL and the surrounding areas of Bay County. Exede has created and launched one of the most advanced satellite in history that can deliver high-speed satelite internet service to nearly anyone in the United States. Exede Internet service delivers fast, reliable service at affordable prices for those who live in rural areas as well as areas that are unserved or underserved by traditional broadband internet providers. Even if cable or DSL doesn't reach to your home in W Panama City Beach, FL, Exede can provide a high speed internet connection with download speeds up to 12 Mbps and upload seepds up to 3 Mbps.

Get the Best Rural Internet Option in W Panama City Beach, FL and Bay County

Even if you live in a rural area of W Panama City Beach you deserve to have an internet option that can provide high quality performance allowing you to reliably check your email, shop online and stream videos and music. With Exede internet get a rural internet option that will allow you to do what you need online. With Exede high speed internet you can:

  • Access social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine
  • Use video chat programs like Skype or Facetime
  • Watch videos on Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime without lag
  • Shop Securely Online and Surf your favorite websites
  • Manage your money via Paypal or through you online banking

Compare Exede to other ISP options in W Panama City Beach

Exede is a new kind of high speed internet provider for those who live in rural or suburban areas of W Panama City Beach, FL. If you have only had access to 3G/4G LTE wireless internet or DSL internet in W Panama City Beach and you've been frustrated, Exede may be a relief to your woes. For most homes, Exede provides internet speeds up to 12 Mbps which can be anywhere from 2 to 4 times faster than DSL or 4G wireless internet. On top of this, thanks to the new Boost 25 option availabe in select ares from Exede your download speeds can reach up to 25 Mbps making your speeds 4 to 8 times faster than wireless or DSL internet! You can use the comparison tool below to see just how much faster Exede Satellite Internet can be compared to other options:

Untitled Document

Exede Internet - Speed Boost
(25 Mbps)

Exede Internet - Standard
(12 Mbps)

Average DSL
(6 Mbps)

Rural DSL
(3 Mbps)

1st Generation Satellite Internet
(1 Mbps)

Save with Internet and TV Bundles for W Panama City Beach, FL

You've probably heard it from everyone that you can save when you bundle only to find out that you need to get packages that are way more than you want and end up overpaying in the end. Unlike other providers, we offer internet and tv bundles in W Panama City Beach, FL that will actually save you money. When you sign up for new Exede Internet Service and DIRECTV satellite tv you'll save an extra $120 by getting $10/mo off your Exede Internet bill for the first year of service. The great thing about these savings is that you don't need to buy a big, overpriced package. Regardess of if you choose the lowest packages on both your Exede and DIRECTV or the most expensive plans you'll still get the same great savings. Bundle high speed internet in W Panama City Beach, FL with DIRECTV and start saving today.

W Panama City Beach Home Phone Service with Exede Voice

If you have poor coverage from your cell phone provider at your home and you can now get a reliable home phone service in W Panama City Beach, FL with Exede Voice. Exede Voice is a VoIP phone service that uses the same satellite network that deliver affordable high speed satellite internet to deliver phone service for your home. Exede Voice provides not only a reliable phone service where you cell phone might struggle but also can help you save compared to traditional phone companies. Since Exede Voice is optimized to work over the Exede satellite network, phone usage does not count towards your data allowance. Exede Voice service is $29.99/mo and new customers save an extra $10/mo for 12 months on your Exede Internet service.

Exede Voice Features:

  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance calling to all 50 states and Canada.
  • Call waiting, Caller ID and Voicemail
  • Use your current phone number or get a new phone number
Exede Voice Home Phone


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(877) 350-4672